DOT Services

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips alert motorists through vibration and sound that their vehicle has left the travel lane, allowing the motorist time and attention to avoid a potential crash. The Department of Transportation has very specific standards regarding rumble strips, and we have the most modern equipment, experience, and expertise to ensure these standards are met.

Raised Pavement Markers

Raised pavement markers play an integral role in safety on our roadways by providing the reflectivity necessary for drivers in dark and/or wet conditions to identify lane delineations. We install snow-plowable raised pavement markers using equipment specifically designed for precise cuts, and specialized epoxy adhesive equipment to ensure proper adhesion. All of our work and materials meet or exceed the Department of Transportation standards.

Hot Applied Thermoplastic / Pre-Formed Thermoplastic

Hot applied thermoplastic combines environmentally safe materials such as pigments for color, glass bead for reflectivity, and binders for toughness, flexibility, and bond strength, to create a product with superior performance and durability. We have the equipment, capabilities, and experience to install all of your thermoplastic needs such as pedestrian crosswalks, stop bars, directional arrows, delineation, and more. We also provide, and are a certified installer of, “PreMark” by Ennis-Flint pre-formed thermoplastic pavement markings, including handicap symbols, bike and pedestrian markings, speed hump arrows, stenciling, and more. Pre-formed thermoplastic markings last about 6-8 years longer than paint.

Epoxy Resin Striping

Epoxy Resin Paint is a catalyzed system used to stripe roadways, parking lots, parking garages, etc. The resin and hardener are heated and precisely mixed during the application process to create a tough, durable product that cures fast and has excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces. Our specialized trucks spray the epoxy resin, then dispense glass bead into the mixture to ensure all Department of Transportation standards are met for reflectivity.

Waterborne Paint

Waterborne paint is the most affordable and eco-friendly paint; however, it is the least durable striping option. We primarily provide this service for temporary striping of new construction or an option for long line striping in some jurisdictions. As with epoxy, we have specialized waterborne trucks that spray the paint then dispense glass beads onto the paint to meet the reflectivity standards for the Department of Transportation

Seam Sealing

The Department of Transportation requires locations where new asphalt and old asphalt meet, and new asphalt and concrete meet, be seam sealed to avoid future issues with erosion. As with crackfilling, any opening in the asphalt can lead to rain and moisture seeping into the base and eroding the area leading to potholes and pavement failure.

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